Shower and Bath tub Repair

Showers and tubs

Replacing or installing a new tub/shower is not an easy job and should be handled by experienced professionals, expert plumbers like Marco Plumbing. We provide bathtub and shower installations or replacements if you’re doing a remodel, upgrading your existing tub/shower, or installing an entirely new tub/shower. We have ample experience in not only installing the tub/shower itself but handling all the plumbing requirements.

Call Your local Marco Plumbing bathroom specialist to discuss your remodelling, installation or replacement needs. We would be more than happy to help and get a qualified trades person out to do an assessment of your bathroom.

Water pressure fixed

If you have water pressure in your home, you’re experiencing a lot of frustration. Perhaps a cycle on your washing machine or dishwasher takes a lot longer than it used to. Maybe your shower produces only a trickle, but not to despair. Or perhaps your kitchen tap doesn’t fill up pitchers and pots nearly fast enough. These are the signs that may indicate you have low water pressure.

We can help sort this out in no time. We will get one of very skilled experienced plumber out to you premises to assess the problem and come up with a solution and give you options on how we can get it repaired at an affordable price.

Tap repairs for shower baths and basins

Stalling to repair or replace a leaking or dripping tap can cost you hundreds of dollars on your water bill. Don’t let your leaking taps drain your wallet. A leaking, dripping or broken tap can waste thousands of litres of water every year – not to mention waste away your hard-earned cash too.

Marco Plumbing can help with all your tap repairs and installation needs. We can supply any style of the latest tapware, flick mixers, shower, sinks, baths and basin taps to suite any bathroom at very competitive prices.

Leaky showers or bath tubs

A leaking shower can cause some serious water damage. Is your leaking shower problem driving you nuts or don’t know where the leak in the shower is coming from? Marco Plumbing can offer you a solution to get it fixed once and for all. The longer you put fixing the leaking shower the more damage will be created in your home or even attract vermin like white ants.

Let’s get one of our expert leaking shower plumbers out to do a few tests and access the problem. They will on site discuss with you what your options are and the best way to get it repaired at an affordable rate.

Clogged drains

Bathroom drain cleaning. From all your toilets blocked with paper to objects in the pan we can clear it. Showers and tubs clogged with hair and soap build-up to blocked sinks. Each bathroom presents their own challenge when it comes to drain cleaning. Marco Plumbing Solutions have all the equipment necessary to solve each challenge or problem.

Pipe relocation

Marco Plumbing are your water or gas pipes relocation and repair experts. Water pipe and sewer pipe relocation or repairs take a lot of planning and a skilled expert plumber that are licensed and trained to do this.

When relocating a pipe, it’s best to call the professionals at Marco Plumbing, trained and licensed plumbers that can help you with your pipe relocation needs.