Gas Fitters & Plumbers

Gas leak repairs

Having a gas leak can be serious and very dangerous. If you suspect that you have a gas leak or get a very high gas bill. Turn off all your gas appliances and turn off the main gas supply. Ventilate the area by opening doors and windows. Call Marco Plumbing straight away on 048 113 5011. We will get a gas fitter out to you immediately.

We use the latest Leak detection technology. Our gas fitters are all highly skilled in detecting the source of the leak and getting it repaired in no time. Allowing you not to stress and get on with things. Marco Plumbing will provide you with the highest quality, professional service and care.

Gas line installations

Your gas line supply your cookers, hot water, fireplace and heaters with either natural or LGP gas. These lines supply the gas to your home and need to do so safely. Marco Plumbing Solutions are certified, fully qualifies and licensed gas fitter technicians. Using non-qualified trades people may result in your line installation not being safe and will be non-compliant. We will issue you with a compliance certificate at the end of the job and a 25 year warranty on our workmanship.

Emergency gas repairs

A gas leak is not to be taken lightly there is nothing more dangerous that a gas leak. Carbon monoxide poisoning kills. A gas leak should not be taken care of and repaired immediately by an expert and licensed gas fitter from Marco Plumbing.

A gas leak could come from anywhere, a broken or split pipe, gas cooker or heater. Our expert gas fitters will be out to your home within the hour to professionally repair the leak, with the correct tools to tract and fix the leak fast.

Gas leak detection

Marco plumbing gas leak detection is available 24/7 and will be at your home within 1 hour. Our team of gas fitters are experts in their trade and will be able to detect and repair your gas leak fast and safely. We use the latest tools and equipment to trace any gas leak, no matter how small. One of the tools we use is a manometer.

Cooker and oven repairs and installations

Marco Plumbing specializes in the installation and repair of any cooker, gas oven or any other gas appliance to existing homes or new home. Talk to one of our expert gas fitters technicians about what would be the best solutions will be for your home.

Outdoor gas repairs and installations

Need a BBQ installed, we can help. If not done correctly, it can cost you a lot more to fix than what it did to install it. We install all kinds of gas appliances such as outdoor ovens, BBQ’s heaters and hot water units. We will install your BBQ to the correct Australian standards. We will issue you with a compliance certificate once the job has been completed.

Gas compliance certification

Marco Plumbing will issue a gas compliance certificate for every gas job we undertake. The gas certificate is issued to you where you have had gas installed or a repair done at your premises. A gas compliance certificate can only be supplied by a licensed certified gas fitter on completion of any gas installation, modification or repair to any existing or new gas service.

Gas conversions

Marco Plumbing can assist you with your gas conversion request. Your Marco gas fitter technician will check the appliance to make sure that the conversion is possible. Call 048 113 5011 to book a gas fitter to come out to the property to discuss the conversions.

Commercial gas repairs and installations

Marco Plumbing solutions offer a full professional and quality affordable commercial plumbing and gas fitting service to all businesses across Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We offer services to businesses such as, hotels, restaurants and factories at very affordable rages.

We can assist you with any gas leak, installation or repair job, no matter how small. Our professional gas fitter technicians are ready on stand by 24/7 and within 1 hour to come out to your business.